test s13.5 1jz

well after having problems with the car finally fjxed
thanks to this friends for ur help

-Flash (kouki tail ligth)
-yohsuke (help with the problem)
-sami modif*ker (help) (rip the car fm4)
-natsuki (help with trunk of the car)
-gtr  (ideas - help)
-sas_car (help)

thanks guys (:

here some pics


S13.5 1jz

 so here its the progress
here i show you my new personal seat 


SC300 Missile (Finish)

 Okey here is the test on game
Credits to : SAS_CAR , Modifuker & Quyen 


SC300 Missile

 Here is a remake i made of SAS_CAR missile SC300

with a special V10 ENGINE SWAP! LFA  (Special thanks to sami for the engine)

here is the car :

sc1.jpg sc3.jpg sc2.jpg 

Car progress 50%

Onevia finish!

Here is my ride finish hope u like it